Have you ever wanted to start your own vegetable garden, but have not known where to start?  Have you tried before, but only to find little reward compared to your sweat equity?  Well, perhaps we can help get your growing!  We have begun a service helping clients turn those ideas into a reality.  Think of it, you can create a sustainable patch right in your own back yard, not to mention that it will be the best tasting and healthiest food that you can find.  We can get your garden ready for you to plant, and/or maintain your fresh patch of paradise,and just simply deliver the produce to your door.  Local and Organic…You mouth never had it so good!

Here is a list of our organic gardening services:

Consultation, Garden design, Site and Seed Selection, Soil Testing, Soil Amendments, Raised Bed Construction, Bed Preparation, Weed & Insect Control, Fencing and Predator Control, Mulching Composting, Seed Saving, and Harvesting.

Consultation ($100 Hr) Walk site with client, discuss client’s goals, services, materials, and labor structure.