WHY?  Many homeowners enjoy the lasting benefits of a landscape lighting system.  Creating Beauty, Security, and Safety are some of the more obvious reasons, but did you know that by highlighting Task Specific areas for functionality; such as, an outdoor kitchens, seating areas, and bar-b-que pits, can also improve the value of your property?  It’s true.  Homes with landscape lighting have been known to have a greater resale value.

“Many clients have told me that they love their lights.  The really like the added security and feeling of pulling in to the drive after work and from out of town.”  

While security lights do have their place, they can often times overpower an area.  Call us at (979) 739-4769 to set up a demo and let us show you the pleasing effects of our lighting designs.  o

“Others have told me they appreciate the safety when family and guests visit.”

 WHY US?  New technologies, bulbs, fixtures, lenses and installation applications are changing at a rapid rate.  We are certified lighting technicians who have been trained in photo metrics and stay up to date on current trends.  Since we also design and install landscapes, we also understand the nature of plants.  So, that means we are aware of not just how to illuminate an object or plant, but what the natural tendencies of plants are.  How plants should be trimmed, how large they should become and where in a landscape these plants are installed are questions that a landscapers should know.  Consequently, lighting installers should also know the various options of fixtures how they are designed to be used.    Our experience in both industries helps us to choose the best fixture for the specific application, not to mention providing you the vast options of colors and styles, which builders may not disclose.  Call us to help make sure your lighting system is running efficiently, while capturing all the unique features of your landscape in an ever changing design.

We provide 3 main services.  

New Systems
We install Low Voltage lighting systems due to their versatility and safety.  As certified FX and VISTA professional installers, our company has been thoroughly trained in design and installation.   Our main focus is on the effects of the fixtures.  Fixtures should also match the architecture or style of their surroundings.  We have a comprehensive selection of fixtures and colors that can help set your landscape apart.  We can also illuminate that signature piece which ties your landscape, lifestyle, and your living space all together.  This fixture could be a piece of artwork, sculpture, ceramic pots, pond or water feature.  We can design a system that fits you and your home.

You may want to consider upgrading to LED fixtures and bulbs.  Let us inspect your current lighting system and receive an estimate for repairs and for technology improvements.  When comparing all things equal, an average LED system will run at 1/3 the cost of a halogen system.  Why not save energy, money, and insure your lighting system will operate optimally for years to come?  Call us to see how much you can save.

Repairs & Maintenance
Do you have an existing system that isn’t working properly or are you looking for a more energy efficient alternative?  Landscape lighting can be damaged by renovations, storm, drought, and even growth of tree roots or shrubs.   Sap, pollen, mulch, and even ants can also keep the fixtures from looking their best.  Our maintenance programs include:  inspecting the system for proper function, checking bulbs, adjusting timers, trimming any branches or foliage to insure optimal performance and cleaning the lenses and fixtures themselves.  We will also keep you informed of up to date lighting technologies and trends for your property.  We’ll keep you glowing.

We design and build new systems, upgrade existing systems and perform repairs & maintenance.





A lot goes into an interior lighting design.  Fixtures, placements, wattage, and temperature or Kelvin of the bulbs are some of the decisions that should be considered.  The lighting industry has changed light years (pun intended) from…A well lit home can change the mood, increase energy and even your health!  A chandelier over a table or a lamp at the right height can change the ambiance in a room.  Bulb selection can become a daunting task with so many choices on the market today.


Let us plan that special event with a unique lighting display, which business associates and loved ones will keep talking about for years to come.  Tents, tables, and trees can be wrapped with lights and or decor to bring about an intimate mood.  This unforgettable lighting experience can include illuminating banquet & dining halls, highlighting cakes or ice sculptures, light curtains, or even underwater fixtures.   If you are looking for something unique that rental facilities can’t offer, just give us a call and see what lighting can do for your next gala.