Our Process

Consultation & Design: 3 Step Process (Handwritten or Emailed)

Phase I (Consultation):  Includes a walk through with the customer and a discussion of site observations and an exchange of ideas regarding the services.  Materials, resources, timing, your budget and our fees will also be briefly discussed.  

Phase II (Conceptual):  This step can include a paint sketch in your landscape by drawing bed lines, walkways, patios, and tree/plant designs with marking paint to be used as a visual aid.  A look at past projects, client pictures, sample boards & trays, researching, and a simple drawing with notes will be reviewed.  Some clients begin services with a simple signed contract.   During this phase, we can also provide conceptual designs or proceed to bring in architect for renderings or blueprints.  

Phase III  (Cost):  This step takes the concept deeper into the design procedure.  Blueprints or buildable prints are provided based on budgets and scope of work.  Any changes in the design should be made and signed on the blueprints.  Any additional changes will be billed separately.

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