Spring Clean-Ups

Lanscape PhotoWell, it is officially Spring.  Many people are now trying to get their lawns in shape.  But as for you, being the diligent homeowner that you are, that means pulling weeds, pruning Crape Myrtles, removing dead trees, trimming shrubs/ground covers and grasses; mulching beds, applying appropriate herbicides/insecticides and fertilizers, not to mention assessing your drainage and  irrigation systems, cleaning the pond pumps and filters, diagnosing your plants and lawn for any diseases or winter damage, planting annuals, and throughly checking all landscape lighting fixtures and transformers.  Tired now?  Perhaps you might consider hiring a professional landscape company to get you caught up on the management of your property.  Some homeowners schedule clean-ups twice a year; now during the spring and once again during the Fall, which just so happens to be the time friends and family like to come for a visit.

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